Heart+Soul+Mind Yoga launched in July 2017.  

Yoga classes are in the Greenville, SC area in what I call a “floating studio” meaning we have various class locations in the area.

Heart+Soul+Mind Yoga exists to help women connect their heart soul and mind with the One who provides true energy for life. Our yoga classes will be Jesus-focused, restorative, and a place for women to practice yoga in safe environment.

Think of Heart+Soul+Mind Yoga as a place to find respite and solace from your hectic, busy life and a place to create space for connection with God and with yourself.

See you ON THE MAT soon!

Things to know before your 1st yoga class

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Hi There! So glad you're browsing the site today... Just a reminder that YouTube videos are coming! You can subscribe and take FREE Jesus-focused yoga at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAdZmeaa8W9a8eZfS0jcQJA/featured